Introducing Olive

Olive is an issuer agnostic, card-linking platform for organizations driven to help their members take a first step towards realizing personal, financial and socially impactful goals.

Online wealth managers, retailers, payroll providers and global charities are just a handful of the organizations using Olive to accelerate recurring contributions from their members, cashback rewards and corporate partners.

Founded in 2018 and based in the Toronto Waterloo Region Corridor, Olive is a Financial Technology (“Fintech”) company and is an embedded piece of the finance tech stack for companies and organizations looking to use the next generation of rounding and card-linked technology to grow, retain and engage their user base.

How do you help people to be more prepared financially for their future when

47% say they have emergency or rainy day funds to cover their expenses for 3 months

~ Pew Research April 2020

78% of American workers say that they are living paycheck to paycheck

~ CareerBuilder

Make it easy for them to harness their everyday spending behaviour
to start and accelerate the accomplishment of personal goals.

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Ready to start creating open-banking-style, card-linked experiences to help your clients act on their financial future? 

Ready to help your clients, employees, customers and members realize their goals?