Olive for Merchants

Targeted, frictionless, profitable transaction generators

Olive Cashback Rewards deliver card-linked offers designed to drive your marketing goals: Aquire new customers, increase transaction value, create frequency and loyalty, and reinforce brand awareness. 

All without the need for any new hardware, coupons or reward cards

Deliver more than cash back. Engage consumers.

Reach and acquire new customers with highly discoverable offers

Real-time Notifications

Drive engagement and purchases with real-time notifications and updates

Grow brand affinity by helping consumers accelerate personal goals

Goal Progress

Olive Cashback Rewards are easy for your consumers.



Consumers add their favourite payment cards to their account



Geo-tagged “near me” deals, offer notifications, and in-app search



Consumers spend normally. No codes, coupons or extra hardware



Earned rewards are celebrated with real-time notifications

And you only pay for performance. Not impressions or clicks.

How easy is it to run a cashback reward?

Create an offer.

Design an offer or pick from a set of templates that drive sales.

Sample: Spend $50 or more and get $5 cashback

Offer consumers incentive in the form of $ or % cashback and celebrate their loyalty the minute they make the purchase.

Want to boost AOV for a specific day? 

With Olive you control when and where the the offer can be redeemed.

Sample: Buy 5 at $5 dollars or more and get $5 cashback.

This punchcard-like offer, not only keeps track of frequent purchases, it reminds consumers of how many more purchases are needed to earn their reward.

Which is more repeat purchases for you.

Sample: Spend $100 before the end of the month and earn $10 cashback

Cumulative spend offers reward consumers for spending a minimum amount with you over a period of time. 

Whether that is 1 visit, 2 visits or 5, you only pay when they spend a minimum amount with you.

Fund your offer.

Ensure rewards get to the consumer when they redeem your offer.

1 Add your payment method.

2 Load money into your account for offer cashback and marketing fees.

3Set up an account reload reminder or automated payment.

Publish and get discovered.

Make your offers available to all or part of the Olive Customer ecosystem.

Merchants that can use
Cashback Rewards
  • Restaurants / Cafés / Pubs
  • Retail
  • Grocers
  • Gas
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
Olive customers with large groups of consumers
  • Robo-advisors
  • Payroll providers
  • Employee benefits
  • Financial institutions
  • National charities
  • Luxury goods and services
  • Automotive

Pay for offer success.

Receive full attribution for every offer dollar you spend driving the purchase.

Ready to run a Cashback Reward?

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