Get more clients investing and saving

Getting clients to take the first step is always the hardest. It’s a problem that most asset managers face with their customer acquisition, especially in this ever increasing competitive marketplace. 

"In 2019, 69% of Americans said they have less than $1,000 in a savings account compared with 58% in 2018."  (Source: GOBankingRates)

Combine this lack of savings with the fact that only 26% of Americans make “retirement” a top savings goal (source: GOBankingRates) and you get the sense of how important and hard it is for wealth managers to differentiate themselves, attract and convert new clients.

While people become increasingly passive or indifferent towards investing, asset managers need new ways to educate, engage and help new investors.

Olive introduces your clients to the value of regular saving while accelerating their financial goals

Olive Asset Builder™ provides you with tools for your clients to start investing – easy, automated, and secure regular deposits. And it provides you with the ability to steward existing users into lifelong investors, as well as the ability to accelerate clients savings with automated cash back rewards.

When you join Olive you also join an ecosystem of Olive customers. Benefit from introductions to new investors from select Olive Loyalty Plus™ customers. Investors who were given the opportunity to test the benefits on their own personal spend and are qualified as ready to start a new portfolio with you.

Online wealth manager chooses Olive to help attract new clients to their investment products.


This Canadian online brokerage offers its clients web and mobile based tools for growing their investments through self-directed portfolios or through managed portfolios. Their success has come on their ability to deliver low-fees and providing people with a better way to invest. With over 7 significant players in Canada alone, this customer faces significant competition for new investors.


Given growing competition, changing realities for people around savings, and general financial apathy of existing clients. Olive’s Customer needed a way not only to re-engage existing clients in ways to increase account activity, but also find ways to identify and attract new clients.


Olive’s Asset Builder™ product integrates with the Customer’s online portal and mobile app to provide the Customer’s clients with simple, powerful tools that make contributing monthly easy, while rewarding investors with cashback on purchases they make everyday to help accelerate their investment goals and build loyalty with their brand. In addition, the Customer is taking advantage of the Olive Introductions product that helps them to find new leads.