Increase customer retention through loyalty

We all know the importance of loyalty programs. They’ve been proven to boost growth, provide vital market research and insights, and when done effectively improve your brand’s reputation by increasing your happy customers.

"Consumers like loyalty programs, but they have complaints. A major one is the hassle of accessing rewards."  (Source: eMarketer)

The hassle of accessing rewards often begins at registration where a complex sign up process can be abandoned, to the member forgetting they are enrolled, to having issues redeeming rewards.

Loyalty programs need to fit in the daily lives of the customer. Consider one recent survey where “only 15% of those polled favor loyalty program alerts, such as expiring rewards, through an app. Instead, members prefer email (42%) and text message (32%) notifications“. People want a loyalty program that is simple to join and use and fits within their daily lives.

Olive creates micro-moments of engagement in ways consumers want to interact with your loyalty program

Olive gives you a platform to reward your loyal consumers by delivering measurable, real-time financial rewards, all within the flow of their normal, everyday habits and routines. No new apps to download, and all within the mobile and web experiences they are accustomed to interacting with you.

Payroll software company looks to Olive to help customers increase employee engagement


This North American payroll provider offers it’s customers online services for both self-directed investment and managed portfolios. With over 15,000 employers as customers, and in a market saturated with payroll solutions. They are always looking for ways to innovate and deliver more value through their offerings.


More than asking how could they make their corporate benefits offering more than the standard medical and dental insurance based offering, our customer wanted to find new ways to help customers get in front of their employees, helping them financially and and rewarding them for being an important part of their business.


Olive’s Loyalty Plus™ product integrates with the Customer’s solution; an employee portal and mobile app to provide real-time, card linked offers without the employee having to do anything except enroll their credit card to receive the rewards…